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Social dreaming is a method of transformational thinking that uses the ancient practice of sharing dreams in a community setting to explore how dreaming investigates shared social problems and facilitates the discovery of creative responses to those problems.

Participants in social dreaming take on a fourfold task: 1) to share dreams, 2) to associate to dreams, 3) to find patterns among dreams and 4) to connect dreams to the social world. In connecting the “inner world” of dreams with the “outer world” of events, participants often discover they are connected with one another in surprising ways, such as sharing dream imagery. After experiencing the sense of affective resonance cultivated in the Social Dreaming Matrix, participants often feel more emotionally connected with fellow dreamers. Social dreaming nurtures the development of both new thoughts and new relationships.

Social dreaming is an adventure of the mind in the container of community. Through engaging with the imaginative world of dreams, participants can discover new metaphors for thinking about the pattern that connects the personal with the cultural, political, natural, and spiritual environment.

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Milwaukee Social Dreaming Matrix