Milwaukee Acupuncture

Adriana Royal, MA, MA, MAc, Dipl-Ac
As your Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I believe that the connection between mind and body (especially between the gut and brain), as well as the person-to-person connection are powerful and in need of nurturing.  With attentive listening and compassionate care, I strive to create a supportive space to facilitate your healing process.

In addition to chronic pain, and preventative care, my focus is on psycho-emotional issues including depression, anxiety, and stress disorders. My treatments calm the mind, regulate the nervous system, and address related symptoms such as digestive disorders and insomnia. The Ancient Chinese healing tradition was far ahead of its time understanding what we’ve recently come to know as “gut health.” The gut not only plays a role in digestion, but also in mental and immune functioning.  When one of these systems is out of balance, it is likely that the other systems of the body are out of balance as well.

I am a Wisconsin state and NCCAOM nationally board certified acupuncturist. In addition to my practice at Royal Road, I work as an acupuncturist treating cancer patients in Aurora’s Integrative Medicine Department.  I hold Master’s degrees in philosophy  (Gonzaga University, 2010; Marquette University, 2014) where I applied the phenomenological method to embodiment, specifically how vulnerability effects our bodies and how our bodies store emotion and trauma.

In addition to Chinese Medicine, I use other healing modalities such as meditation and sound healing.  I am a Reiki Master, as well as a certified hospice & palliative care acupuncture specialist (NAHPCA). I am also a clinical certified aromatherapy practitioner (CCAP).
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Andrew Royal,  JD, MS, LPC

As a psychoanalytically-informed therapist, I believe that each of us is much more than just our conscious minds. The dynamic workings of the unconscious can be seen in dreams, fantasies and emotions as well as in spontaneously arising thoughts and feelings. When the conscious and unconscious parts of mind do not function in mutual harmony, disorder results in specific symptoms as well as in a general lack of depth and vitality.

Milwaukee Psychotherapy

As your therapist, I will create a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can speak freely and candidly about your most pressing concerns as well as about whatever fleeting thoughts happen to cross your mind in the moment. By putting your wishes, fears, images and actions into speech we can establish deeper and stronger connections between the different parts of your mind and life, leading to a better relationship with yourself as well as with other people. In this work, memories of the past, feelings in the present and hopes for the future are all equally important. Our shared task is to forge the link between where you’re at today and where you truly belong tomorrow.

I’ve been studying psychoanalysis since my first year of college at the University of Chicago, where I also studied Central Asian traditions of healing and shamanism. In law school at UCLA I earned a specialization in critical race studies by focusing on federal Indian law and tribal legal systems. After law school I worked professionally as a teacher and tutor of standardized test prep, mostly in Chicago. In 2012, I moved to Milwaukee to become a psychotherapist. I earned my counseling degree from Mt. Mary University and pursued specialized training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy through the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Psychiatry Department and the Wisconsin Psychoanalytic Institute.
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