Qi, an often misunderstood term, can be thought of as the air you breath, the food you eat, and the energy within. The function of qi is to promote function of  the  body, warm and protect the body, check or regulate the body, activate and nourish the body.

In mindful meditation practice, one connects to one’s qi through their breath in order to root into the body. The feeling of being unrooted can give rise to feeling disconnected, detached, anxious, or depressed. This is why we experience breathlessness when we feel anxious or find ourselves sighing when we feel stuck or depressed. The breath is a great tool to check in with how we feel and gain insight to our mind-body connection.

0236_20150906_MHT_0672__MG_4436Sound is another way to connect with the breath and the body. As with any meditation practice, sound healing can be deeply relaxing, beneficial to those who suffer from stress or insomnia, and can increase vital energy. The circulatory and endocrine systems are stimulated through sound vibrations, pushing out any stress, tension, or pain within the body. Gong Meditation, (also called a “gong bath”)was historically used in ancient rituals. Today it is specifically used for the purpose of meditation and healing.

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