Psychotherapy with Andrew


I help adults who feel stuck and plagued by difficult emotions figure out what is really troubling them and then make changes in their life that create deep and lasting relief and transformation.

I can help you make meaning of and transform your:

  • depression, despair, hopelessness
  • anxiety and excessive worrying
  • intrusive or unwanted thoughts
  • debilitating perfectionism and self-criticism
  • unsatisfying relationships
  • feelings of loneliness, isolation, alienation, disconnection
  • dissociation, depersonalization, derealization
  • aimlessness or lack of purpose in life
  • underachievement and creative blocks
  • frustration at continually repeating the same problematic patterns or behaviors.

Through psychotherapy you can make peace with your emotions and learn to use your emotional experience as a basis for making good decisions. You can feel more content with yourself, when alone as well as in the company of others. You can gain the capacity to make and adjust to changes in your life while still maintaining a core sense of who you are.

Come see me when you know you need to face your demons and you want help starting the conversation with them.

How to start therapy 


Before we start a therapeutic relationship, I want to have a brief telephone conversation with you. We’ll talk for fifteen or so minutes in order to determine if it makes sense to schedule an in-person consultation. During the phone call, I’ll want to get some basic information about who you are, what’s troubling you and your hopes for therapy. I’ll also be available to answer whatever questions that you may have about starting the therapy process.


Please leave me a voicemail at (414) 377-3874 to request an initial telephone conversation.