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 Gong Bath Meditation
Join us in the community:

Tosa Yoga : Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 5pm

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Gong Meditation, (also called a “gong bath”) is a way to connect the mind and the body for novice and experienced meditators. Participants lay on yoga mats while bathed with the sound and vibration of the gong. The gong can be relaxing or activating, depending on your energetic needs. Gong meditation is beneficial for those coping with stresses of all kinds. No previous meditation experience required. $20 per person.

Stay *tuned* for upcoming dates at Royal Road or find us playing in the community.

Writing Meditation Workshop
Saturdays in January 1:30-2:30PM

Become alive to yourself by learning the fundamentals of Proprioceptive Writing and practicing in the company of a small community! You will:

*Awaken intuition and creativity*
*Improve concentration and focus*
*Reconnect to your self and your authentic voice*
*Develop self trust*

Contemplative writing helps you find more meaning in self expression. You will discover rich material for future poetry and stories or communications with family and friends. Learn to cultivate a new journaling practice. This workshop will give you the solid foundation to continue Contemplative Writing on your own! This is *the* perfect gift for the writer, meditator, or seeker in your life! ALL LEVELS WELCOME.



Acu-Gong (Acupuncture + Gong Bath Meditation!)

 Acu-Gong combines the power of gong meditation with community style acupuncture. A licensed acupuncturist will carefully administer a  stress reduction treatment and then you will relax immersed in the vibrations of the gong. This is perfect for those that are curious about acupuncture, or those who want to take their meditation practice to a deeper level. No previous meditation or acupuncture experience required. $40 per person.